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"Quite a Pair (American Gothic)" from "Songs in the Key of Art Volume 3" to be featured in
Filmaker Sasha Water's Documentary "This American Gothic"

With Sasha at the Premier

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JAN 2008:

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Volume Two Makes the "Zoom-In Online" Weekly Playlist

Wausau Herald Article-St Mark's Performance

"The Tech Savvy Educator Website" says
" I have just found a wonderful musician. Greg Percy is an art educator who has created some original art tunes. While I'm not entirely sure this falls under the category of technology and art, it certainly falls under fun. With such great songs as "Vincent Van Gogh (no stereo)" and "Red Yellow Blues," he amused me for the better part of an hour (don't tell my principal!). The lyrics to Vincent Van Gogh (who doesn't hear in stereo) made me giggle over and over. The kids didn't quite get it, but it made my day. Check out his website, he has CDs for sale as well as a stage show for schools. What an inspirational educator...."

After a visit to South Bend, IN

Foster Elementary in Pa. does "Songs in the Key of Art" Musical***

Kids performing "Mondrian"


"...As Greg Percy, a teacher of art for 20 years in Madison, Wisconsin, has discovered, a musical intelligence can even help kids with—what else?—other types of art. Percy's greatest hits ( include the “Picasso Polka,” “From Matisse to You,” “Michaelangelo Mad,” and “The Red and Yellow Blues”-the latter a catchy ditty on primary colors. In his art classes, Percy will show some samples of an artist's work, talk about the artist, and then play an original song pertaining to that day's art lesson. For example, his song “Van Gogh (No Stereo)” appeals to kids because they remember one gruesome fact about the Dutch master: that he cut off his ear—and, as the song goes, couldn't hear “in stereo.” The songs ignite the kids' interest and help them remember important facts and elements of art history.“The kids are learning, but they don't know they're learning,” says Percy. “That's the best situation.”
Jan/Feb 2005 issue


September 2003-page 30-by Senior Editor Carly Berwick

The internet finally proved it’s worth,. WFUV radio host Pete Fornatale announced over the New York-area airwaves recently. It was Vincent van Gogh’s 150th birthday, and the veteran rock deejay wanted to do something special. So he went to his computer and typed into a search engine-“Google, if you must know”- the phrase “songs about art.” One of the first entries returned was "" - and it was a veritable goldmine , with three entire albums filled with art related tunes, from the raucous “Michelangelo Mad” to the folksy “Mondrian,” all written and performed by Madison, Wisconsin, elementary school art teacher, Greg Percy. Fornatale launched his tribute to van Gogh with what he calls a “no-brainer,” “Vincent” by Don McLean, while Percy’s more recent “Van Gogh” concluded the four song set. Percy, who played in a pop-rock ‘80s band” in college, doesn’t shy away from the artist’s more gruesome biographical details. “Vincent van Gogh, he couldn’t hear in stereo,” he begins. He continues with some art criticism. “His sunflowers were brilliant, so simple yet so brave, if he found out what they’re worth, he’d turn over in his grave.”…